Organic farming has a positive effect on the environment.


The absence of artificial additives such as aromatics, colouring and preservatives in organic food feels good. That no chemical pesticides are used feels even better, as does the fact that farm labourers in foreign countries are spared exposure to toxins in their daily work.


Animals lead a better life on organic farms, with higher demands on animal welfare. Animals are allowed outside, with pigs free to roam and root in the earth. Chickens can look for worms and cows suckle their calves, providing them with vital, healthy, natural milk in their first days.


Organic produce has been produced ethically and sustainably from an environmental viewpoint. This means that it feels good to eat an organic product, perhaps so good that it even tastes better. Tomatoes that grow in natural soil and are naturally fertilized grow more slowly and become sweeter to the taste. This is because the solids content of organic food is higher and the taste more concentrated.

GMO- Free

Organic farming says no to GMO.