HealthyCo AB

HealthyCo identifies products that are showing a positive trend, or are already in major categories but with few and expensive suppliers. HealthyCo develops, produces and distributes groceries with the emphasis on organic, reduced sugar, health, design and interesting pricing structures.

HealthyCo intends to supply supermarkets with healthy basic commodities interpreted in “our own way”.

“It’s about meeting the demands of a modern, well-infor- med consumer who considers organic, healthy and functional produce to be part of their agenda – but is at the same time extremely price-conscious”

Felipe Garay, CEO

What actually constitutes an
organically produced foodstuff?

One can say that organic produce is pure and natural. It contains no unnatural additives, whether for flavour, colour or preservation. No chemical pesticides or fertilizers are used in organic farming. Animals are cared for in an ethical manner and receive organic feed mainly grown on the farm on which they roam freely both inside and out.

Why choose organic?

There are five generally accepted arguments for organic produce; environmental: health, ethical, quality and GMO-free.